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Music for Refuge Initiative in the News Again: Inspiring Transformation for Tampa’s Refugee Children

The Music for Refuge initiative by the Sunstate Orchestral Program has once again captured attention, shining a spotlight on its powerful impact on the [...]

Harmonizing Lives: Sunstate Orchestral Program’s Music for Refuge Initiative Empowers Immigrant and Refugee Children in Tampa

The Sunstate Orchestral Program’s ‘Música para Refugiarte’ (Music for Refuge) initiative has garnered attention and [...]

National Seminario Ravinia: Inspiring Musical Growth and Community Unity

As summer blooms in the enchanting city of Highland Park, Illinois, a harmonious celebration of music and collaboration awaits. From July 5th to 8th, 2023, Ravinia Festival will host [...]

A Beacon of Hope: Sunstate Orchestral Program’s Refugiarte Scholarship Featured by Spectrum News

Sunstate Orchestral Program of Tampa is placing instruments in the hands of children to help introduce them to the world of music [...]

The Inspiring Story of Francisco and Isabella Diaz: A Father-Daughter Duo in the World of Violin

Francisco Diaz was thrilled when his daughter Isabella Diaz took his advice and auditioned for The Venice Symphony last May. She joined the orchestra this season and now father and daughter get to [...]