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Inspired by El Sistema

El Sistema is a renowned music education program that originated in Venezuela over four decades ago. Founded by José Antonio Abreu, it utilizes music as a catalyst for social change and youth development.

El Sistema provides free or low-cost instrumental and ensemble training to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, focusing on ensemble playing and collective music-making.

Beyond musical skills, the program aims to foster social integration, discipline, and teamwork. El Sistema’s impact extends beyond music, with notable effects on crime reduction and social inclusion. Its success has inspired similar programs worldwide, highlighting the transformative power of music education in fostering personal growth and community enrichment.

“The Sunstate Orchestral Program-El Sistema Tampa is an ethics project for life, hope, and transformation aiming at social change”

Francisco Díaz

President - Founder of the Sunstate Orchestral Program “El Sistema Tampa”

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“Nothing is as universal as music is, and there is nothing more similar to a perfect society than an orchestra. With these two elements, we are increasing the children’s human potential to maximum capacity”

Jesús Sira

Music Director of the Sunstate Orchestral Program “El Sistema Tampa”

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