A Note of Thanks to Our Sponsors

Thank You to Our Sponsors

A warm and grateful Thank You to our wonderful Sponsors, whose generosity and support have played a vital role in making our vision a reality. Your commitment and partnership are truly appreciated, and together, we are empowering young musicians, enriching communities, and changing lives through the power of music.

Our Sponsors

Leader Corporate Sponsors ($10,000+)

Tampa Bay Community Foundation

Hillsborough Arts Council

Guarantors ($5,000+)

Documentos y Apostillas

Pasan Services

Benefactors ($1,500-$4,499)

C.A.G Painting

Woof Here It Is!

eSmart Recycling

Floors Center of Tampa Bay

Star Truck

Super Caucho

Super Tires

Mrs. Dale Robinson

Benefactors ($500-$1,499+)

Short Block Technologies

Armenia Fresh Market Inc.

Acevedo Law Firm

Chargebacks 911

The Construction Company

Cag Proma

The City Gutter

Mr. Logan Mills

Supporters ($250-$499)

K&F Associate Company LLC

Golden House Investing Group LLC

St. Pete Paper Company

Nico’s Arepas Grill


Friend Donors ($1-$249)

Mr. Orlando Perez Horta

Mrs. Demelicar Escobar

Mrs. Beluska Escobar

Mrs. Monipatry Sanchez

Mrs. Reina Martinez

Mr. Marcos Figueras

Mrs. Iracara Castillo

Mr. Eduardo Santaella

Mrs. Rosa Figueredo

Mrs. Alicia Katz

Bast Flooring & Staircases


Mrs. Daniela Escalona

Mrs. Vicky Fullop

Mrs. Claudia Alvarez

Mrs. Mary Escalona

Mr. Rich Destin

Mrs. Gladys Garcia

Mr. Luis Cabareda

Mrs. Ivoneth Avero

Mrs. Rebeca Bello

Public And Private Partnership

Hillsborough Arts Council

Straz Center of Performing Arts

Oak Grove Methodist Church

Tampa Bay Music Coalition

El Sistema USA

Central Park Performing Arts Center

El Sistema Venezuela