Unforgettable Music Moments
Oak Grove Methodist Church
Tampa, FL
Spring Recitals

Our talented students took the stage and captivated the audience with their musical prowess, showcasing their dedication and progress. It was an unforgettable evening filled with beautiful performances and the joy of music.

Hillsborough Community College
Performance Arts Center
Tampa, FL
Holiday Concert

Amidst the joyous holiday season, the Sunstate Orchestral Program enchanted hearts with their mesmerizing holiday concert, filling the air with timeless melodies and festive cheer. Check out our video on YouTube

Bellamy Elementary
Tampa FL
Bellamy Elementary Concert

A harmonious collaboration unfolded as the Sunstate Orchestral Program joined forces with Bellamy Elementary, creating a captivating musical experience that touched hearts and inspired young talents.

Check out our video on YouTube

Friday Morning Musicale
Tampa, FL
Hispanic Heritage Concert

The Sunstate Orchestral Program celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with captivating performances, honoring the cultural heritage and artistic contributions of the Hispanic community through vibrant Latin American music.
Check out our video on Youtube